Pending Legislation

March 15, 2016

There are many bills pending in Congress that can harm immigrants. The first, HR 4197, would allow governments to resettle refugees. The second, HR 4218, goes further. It could stop the resettlement of refugees until certain conditions, such as an estimate of the budget, are met.

Even Cubans, who have long received great benefits of immigration, are now considered white. Florida legislation proposed by Republicans would deny certain benefits for Cuban refugees. People like Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Marco Rubio (R-FL) say that families will be removed with the regularization of relations between the two nations.

Ted Cruz introduced S-2394. This proposal adds further requirements for the program of the H-1B visa. This proposal can also eliminate the diversity lottery program visa. Another Republican proposal, HR 4274, can end fiancé visas until Congress votes to resume. This would make it much harder for an immigrant to bring his bride to marry in the United States.

John McCain (R-AZ) introduced S-2395, reauthorizing the State Program Criminal Alien Assistance until 2020. “This will provide funds to states that are jailing undocumented immigrants. These immigrants are imprisoned in private detention centers that most Americans consider a national disgrace, as country clubs.”

Finally, HR 2029 is currently pending the signature of President Obama. It restricts visas to people who have traveled to Syria, Iraq, and some other countries. It will also cause people to lose tax credits, depending on their immigration status. This includes DACA and survivors of domestic violence. It also restricts individual tax numbers, making it difficult to pay taxes.

Frankly, these proposals could have a tremendous impact on all economic aspects. Not only that, they also have a major impact on the behavior of society. Another problem is that these proposals are easily ignored by ordinary people. It is essential that the immigrant community brings to light these proposals and force a debate on the subject.